About Me

Welcome!  My name is Lori Falcon, aka, A Cowboy's Wife.  I'm 45 and married to a real cowboy and we've been married for 29 years and counting!

We have 3 handsome boys; Tyler is 28 and is a cowboy like his dad, Toby is 25 and a police officer, and Truett is 15...need a I say more?  I gained a beautiful daughter-in-law, Savannah, in 2020 (she married Toby). 

I was a blogger for 16 years.  I had the opportunity to experience some amazing moments and create long lasting partnerships.  I've interviewed & hung out with celebrities like Garth Brooks and held ambassadorships for companies like Kraft, Panasonic, & Carnival Cruise Lines.  I lost both my parents between 2013 and 2018 and, well, sorta lost myself.  That's when I decided to pursue my passion in photography.

We have lived on ranches our whole marriage and so, naturally, taking photos of ranch life was a given.  After teaching myself some editing skills and figuring out what I liked and what my style would be, I decided to "go pro".   I still have so much to learn but am loving every bit of it. 

Random things about me:

  • I own a Canon 5D Mark III. My go-to lens is a 24-70. 
  • My husband is the foreman at Double M Ranch in Maryneal, Texas. It's a 42 section ranch, one of the smallest we've ever worked on. 
  • I do not take family/portrait type photos.  I prefer candid shots when nobody is looking.
  • I'm very much an introvert. 
  • Many people don't know that I love to play Call of Duty. 
  • Woodworking is a new hobby that I'm loving! 
  • I love Christian music, classic country, hip hop, and one of my favorite albums is Linda Ronstadt - Canciones de Mi Padre
  • Both me and my husband are volunteer fire fighters.  

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